Fly Casters

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Thomas Gundersen Thaarup

Thomas Gundersen Thaarup – Salmologic Ambassador

Thomas’ demonstration will be based on the following topics:


  • The importance of correct equipment composition.
  • Modern throwing technique with one-handed, switch and two-handed rods.
  • The function and importance of the body in the fly cast – the tackle and the body work together as a whole.
  • The benefits of fishing with short jig heads – including simple techniques for handling sinker lines.

Thomas Gundersen Thaarup was born in 1984. He originally comes from Frederikshavn, but today lives in Vejle. He graduated as Forest and Landscape Engineer in 2011 from the University of Copenhagen. On a daily basis, he is employed as operations manager in Slagelse Kommune Entreprenørservice, where he is responsible for the operation of the municipality’s sports areas and green areas.


Thomas has always found the many facets of fly fishing very fascinating. He got his first fly rod at the age of 10, and since then fly fishing has been very close to his heart.


For fly fishing to be fun and a pleasure, it is important to master the basics and the understanding of the fly cast to achieve the best possible line control. In this connection, he annually has the pleasure of holding casting courses and guiding fly fishermen in Denmark and abroad. The teaching takes place in a present way and with a focus on taking things “step by step”. In teaching, he also places particular emphasis on connecting theory with practice. His clear ambition and aim for the teaching is to be able to give the students new approaches, knowledge and tools within fly fishing and fly casting, which leads to a deeper overall understanding and insight, which creates greater joy and pleasure out on the fishing water. In addition, he has general belief and experience that this significantly increases the chance of capture or not.


Thomas has taught in many different places in and outside Europe together with Henrik Mortensen, which has given him many unique experiences as well as valuable knowledge in modern one-handed and two-handed casting techniques and fishing strategy. He likes being able to pass this knowledge on and pass it on to like-minded and passionate fly fishermen through his teaching.


Thomas is very much looking forward to seeing you at the throwing pool and to a nice chat at the festival.


Good luck

Yours sincerely
Thomas Gundersen Thaarup
Mobile: 21 80 93 17