Danish Fly Festival

–  where fly fishers meet

4 & 5 March 2023

Thank you for an incredible weekend

After a fantastic Danish Fly Festival 2023, FFFD’s board would like to thank everyone who helped make the festival a success and a great experience for the approximately 3,000 guests who visited us over the weekend.
A big thank you to Vision, who again this year was the festival’s sponsor.
Thank you to all the exhibitors for standing up and supporting the event.
Thank you to our volunteer helpers, who have built up the festival before, selflessly carried out countless functions during, and finally cleaned up after the festival – and in record time.

A big thank you to all our fly tyers, fly casters and lecturers who have helped to share knowledge, thereby maintaining and creating new interest in our common passion – fly fishing.
Thanks to our raffle people who this year had to close early due to empty shelves, which must be said to be a success. Here again we would like to thank our exhibitors for willingly donating gifts as our guests emptied the shelves.
Also a big thank you to Pulzion’s staff for great flexibility in organizing the festival and for providing the setting and food and drink for the many visitors.
And finally, thanks to all our guests who visited the festival and made the sports halls buzz again with fly fishing chatter. Hope you all had some inspiring days and took something home.

FFFD’s profit from the Danish Fly Festival 2023 goes, as always, to water environment improvements and to creating awareness about the importance of the water environment so that our descendants can continue to have great experiences in the nature that exists around and below the surface.
We look forward to seeing you again in 2 years.


On behalf of the board

Main Sponsor

Federation of Fly Fishers Denmark proudly presents and look forward to work with VISION og FLY-DRESSING as the main sponsers at the Danish Fly Festival 2023

Raffle for the environment

The traditional raffle at the Danish Fly Festival is an important part of raising funds for the great work that is carried out by volunteers at the Danish streams, lakes, fjords and along the coastal areas.


The exhibitors at the Danish Fly Festival donate the prizes and the profits from the sale of lottery tickets go entirely to environmental work – the more you gamble, the more you support the environment.

Danish Fly Festival 2023

The festival poster is designed around Peter Scheffler’s artwork and has been photographed with several of Peter’s flies placed on top.