- that will inspire you

Lose less, catch more – damage less – with Jens Bursell (language: Danish)

Drift life and guided tours – with Henrik Leth (language:Danish)

Island it’s really wild – with Lars Juel Hansen (language: Danish)

Greenland – with Lars Broberg (language: Danish)

Scandi versus Skagit – with René Gerken (language: Danish)

Mythbuster-workshop – with Lasse Karlsson (language: Danish)

WATER-WIDTH – with Arne Kvist Rønnest (language: Danish)

Catch the elusive salmon – with Jesper Fohrmann (language: Danish)

Salmon in River Skjern – with Kenny Frost (language: Danish)

Tips and tricks to successful costal fishing – with Jerk Sönnichsen (language: Danish)

With a fly after the king of fish, the Atlantic Salmon – with Jerk Sönnichsen (language: Danish)

The story of River Skjern – with Michael Beck-Hansen (language: Danish)

Seductive Danish Salmon – with Thomas Kjelgaard (language: Danish)

Many strategies – many possibilities – more sea trout – with Ronny Lagoni Thomsen (language: Danish)