Fly Casters

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Tellis Katsogiannos

Tellis Katsogiannos started fly fishing in 1995 and has been hooked ever since.
Over the years he has targeted all kinds of species with a fly rod, and as to this day caught more than 35 different ones from both fresh and salt water. Even though he loves all kinds of species, the passion for trout and salmon is still on top.
He has been in the Fly fishing business since 2006 with his own company and as from 1 year back, he is now the new product developer at Guideline, focusing on rods and lines.

Tellis passion for fly casting and teaching has been a huge benefit when developing tackle. Over the last 17 years he has instructed well of 1500 people in the sport of fly fishing and fly casting. Knowledge is something that you never can get enough of, and he himself says that he is constantly learning from all the wonderful friends, colleges and clients he meets every year.
He is a Certified casting instructor for single hand and Master certified for double hand casting within Fly Fishers International. Fly casting as a sport has been in Tellis life for the last 13 years with several international medals from tournament Spey casting, and being crowned World champion in 2016 as his finest casting moment.