Fly Tyers

- at the fly tyers island and at the exhibitors

Steen Christiansen

My name is Steen Christiansen born in the year 1964

I have been fishing since I got my first fishing rod as a 7-year-old and caught mackerel from the pier in Gilleleje. Since then it has been a bit on and off until I tried fly fishing in the River Mörrum in the 80s and caught my first sea trout.

At the Campsite a Swede sat and tied flies, he showed me the technique and I have been tying flies ever since.


In my profession, I have worked in the kitchen since 1979, where I became an apprentice and since I have worked around the world. In 2009 I had an accident at work and had to find something new to do. Henrik Agerskov Jensen was kind enough to take me under his wing and hire me in his warehouse in the fly tying department and it worked out that I went around to fairs in Sweden and Norway, where I tied flies and taught in the various shops at the same time as I presented the products.

After that, I worked for a short period at Salmonfly Kim Rasmussen, where I was also enriched with a lot of knowledge about materials and fly tying. Alongside these jobs, I have taught a couple of times at FFFD Copenhagen.


This is the second time that I have been invited to the Danish Fly Festival in Kolding, where I am looking forward to coming and meeting like-minded people and showing off a little of what I am capable of.