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Seductive Danish Salmon

Description of the lecture:
The passionate fly fisherman Thomas Kjelgaard gives a lecture about the magical, and sometimes harsh, fly fishing for the fascinating West Jutland salmon.
Through words, pictures and video, you get tips and tricks to optimize your fishing and increase your chances of being successful in the Danish salmon-bearing streams.


Description of Thomas Kjelgaard:
Thomas Kjelgaards’ greatest passion is fly fishing, which for him is about fishing technique, strategy, fly casting and fly tying. He has extensive experience as a fly fisherman, instructor, guide, fly tyer, article writer and lecturer. Thomas has, among other things, wrote a number of articles and held several lectures and courses specifically on fly fishing for salmon in Denmark.
Thomas focuses on technical adjustments and aesthetic details, which make his fishing more natural and effective. Insight into the salmon’s biology and behavior under various influences, such as wind and temperatures, is essential for success. Fishing technique, good casting skills and fly tying are necessary to have the best experience on the water.
The fly must be presented to the salmon as naturally as possible. At the same time, the fly line must land gently on the surface of the water, so that unnecessary disturbances are not created. Both speed and length of taking in the fly, and where in the water column the fly is presented, are decisive in getting the salmon to bite. The same applies to balance, size and color choice on the fly.

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