- hvor du kan blive inspireret og lære

Many strategies - many possibilities - more sea trout

I love the sea trout, its whimsical presence in the stream when summer takes over the scenery and dresses nature in colors, smells and sounds. However, no fishing in our country is burdened with as many dogmas as sea trout fishing in the stream.


Sea trout can only be caught in the evening, night and morning. The flies must bulge or stream. In Vejle Å the fish can only be caught on “Kosten”, in Karup on “sprutten”. You cannot catch sea trout at full moon, on cold nights, when the marsh wife is brewing, etc., etc.


In this lecture, Ronny Lagoni takes you out to the summer river to inspire you with vivid stories, pictures and a little humor to see the many possibilities instead of the few – because with many strategies in the suitcase, there are simply more possibilities for to unleash the heavy blows more often.


Ronny Lagoni Thomsen is an instructor at the Danish Sports Fishing Association, where since 2005 he has instructed in fly casting, fly fishing, fly tying, youth work, teaching, has certified fishing guides and taught other instructors. Alongside this, he has written several articles, made fly tying videos and recorded a fly casting DVD “Casting and Strategy” in collaboration with Niels Vestergård. Alongside this, he has been fishing for sea trout around Denmark since 2003. Ronny has also been associated with the tackle industry as both a test fisherman and co-designer. Today he is independent and enjoys the freedom of being able to think across brands to get the best tackle combinations for our special fishing here at home.