Fly Casters

- you can experience at the demo pool

Lasse Karlsson

Lasse has put together an exciting demo based on his successful mythbusting workshops. Some of the myths about fly casting and fly tackle that have caught on are tackled, and there is certainly something to think about afterwards!


– Fly fishing should be fun, says Lasse Karlsson, who gives demonstrations at the Danish Fly Festival

Lasse, who has over 25 years of experience in teaching fly casting and fly fishing, and has taught around the globe, says:

”- One of the biggest obstacles to getting a comfortable cast is the persistent myths in fly fishing. If you can get them broken down and gain a better understanding of what is going on, then you sooner vill be casting without a fight.”


Lasse Karlsson is at the forefront of the latest knowledge, and quick to incorporate it into his teaching, so that things are learned as quickly as possible.
Lasse is a well-known casting instructor outside Denmark’s borders. He is the only Dane who has passed AAPGAI’s Master Casting Instructor certification. Lasse also holds Fly Fishers International’s three instructor certificates: Casting Instructor, Master Casting Instructor and Two Handed Casting Instructor. At the same time, Lasse was a member of FFI’s caste board for 10 years, where he helped develop the tests and train new instructors. Lasse is still active in training new instructors all over the world.
Lasse is currently a five-time Danish champion in fly casting with a one-handed rod, and has a number of victories in domestic and foreign competitions and top positions among others. a 3rd place for the WC.