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John Maduro

Originally from Aruba, a Dutch Caribbean Island.

I’ve been saltwater fishing all my life, but it was only when I moved to Ireland 21 years ago that I was introduced to Fly Fishing and fell in love with this amazing fishing method.


I fished rivers for many years here in Ireland, but the Salt always called me back so I decided to give the Saltwater Fly Fishing a try. Once I hooked my first Bass on the fly there was no going back from it. From there I started tying Saltwater patterns which now I specialise in these days. Species I mainly target are Bass, Seatrout, Pollock but to be honest any species I can catch on the coast with a fly.

Some of my favourite patterns would be Flat Wings, Baitfish and Shrimp patterns, I love tying and fishing these as they are very effective combined with a 9wt rod outfitted with an intermediate or floating line on windy days, or my favourite setup would be an 8wt overall but when targeting Seatrout on the coast I would use a 7wt 85% of the time. Have a big collection of TFO Rods and I’ve always fished these on the Salt.


I joined the Ahrex Pro Team in 2020 and very soon after that I became a member of The FlyCo Family, with recently joining the Easyshrimpeyes Elite tyers team last year. The support I’ve received from these companies has been amazing, always providing me with Quality Fly-tying materials and Quality Hooks for any pattern I would like to tie from river patterns to saltwater patterns.

Looking forward to the Danish Fly Festival, hope to see you all there.


For those who are interested to see some of my work you can see it on:




Tight Lines,

John Maduro