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Jan de Haas

Hi my name is Jan de Haas from Holland, at a young age I learned to fish from my father with a fixed rod for roach, bream and perch.

Then I discovered the spinning rod and pike fishing was my passion, looking for these robbers through the Dutch polders.


Later we were on holiday abroad with children and I discovered fly fishing and this fishing gives so many possibilities nowadays, fishing on running water or along the coast for sea trout, great.

But fly fishing also includes making your own flies to fish anywhere, mostly I try to use natural materials in my flies.


I’ve been doing fly tying really seriously for the last 5 years now, man, what a relaxation and pleasure to catch the fish of your life with your own creation.


For the last 3 years I have been given the opportunity to be a team member of Ahrex Hooks from Denmark, the Deercreek team from Wales, and family member of the Flycompany from Denmark, and I am very grateful to them for being part of the pro team.


In previous years I have been invited to Norway at the Nordic flyfair, the Dutch flyfair, the Irish flyfair, the Belgium flyfair, the BFFI and now for the first time the Danish Fly Festival where I am really looking forward to, too show my skills, thanks for this.


See you all in good health in March


Jan de Haas.