Fly Tyers

- at the fly tyers island and at the exhibitors

Geert Werbrouck

Hello my Danish friends,
My name is GEERT WERBROUCK and I am from ‘tinny’ Belgium.
This will be my fourth time as a guest fly tyer on the Danish Fly Festival and I am feeling very glad to be their again, with all of you.

I was born in 1958 and I am tying flies completely ‘autodidact’ since the beginning in the early 70 ties. I was not so good at my fly tying, but I never gave up but continued and became better over the years. In 1982 I fished in and became Belgium Champion on river and in the following years I also entered competitive flyfishing on still waters. In 1988 I stopped with competitions and found tranquility in just fishing whenever I liked to go out.

I am more a wild brown trout fly fisherman and European grayling fly fisherman than a fisherman targeting salmon or seatrout. Nevertheless I try my best to now and then fish for salmon or seatrout in Scotland on rivers Teviot, Annan and Don and in Northern Ireland on the river Derg (a river in the Folyle system) as well as over here in Denmark on the river Skjern å (this past September was my fourth attempt but again without any ‘silver’ for me…  But I will continue and will not give).

A year or 15 back when I became 50 years old I made it my ‘goal’ to learn how to tie a decent looking classic salmon fly.  With lots of perseverance I came to that goal and again I am convinced that everyone can learn to tie a decent looking classic salmon fly (on one condition that he doesn’t give up). In 2016 I lost a bit my drive to tie the classic salmon flies but I started to tie more ‘creative’ salmon flies but always with ‘classical’ touches and always with the ‘goal’ to catch fish with success.  Meanwhile I tied numerous ‘classical’ wet flies and ‘creative’ wet flies which resulted in 2017 in a little book written and published by my American friend Dale Darling …on which I am still proud. So one can say that I am a bit of a ‘all-round fly tier’ and this from ‘dry flies’ to ‘wet flies’ to ‘streamers’ to ‘salmon flies’ of sorts.   On the Fly Festival I will tie some ‘hair wing’ salmon or ‘steelhead’ flies.   I hope to see YOU at my table and don’t be afraid (in English please) to ask questions or start simply a conversation.

I look forward to meeting you in Kolding.