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Fabio Federighi

Hi everyone, I’m Fabio Federighi and I live in Florence in Tuscany.

I like to tie flies in various styles, especially in “Italian Style”, a style conceived by Francesco Palù in the 70s, which through the choice of materials and their particular arrangement, gives movement and vitality to the imitation.
I also tie flies for various techniques and species of fish, freshwater, saltwater, salmon and sea trout, but also hyper realistic.

I fish around the world and for many years I have been tying flies at many international fly festivals together with many friends and fishermen and fly tyers. Among the most beautiful experiences in which I participate every year, there are the Fly Festivals in Europe, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Holland, Ireland and England, are some of the countries where these events take place, without excluding the American experience in Somerset New Jersey at the Fly Tying Symposium.

I am part of the Italian team of Ahrex Hooks, Swiss CDC, Fly Fish Europe.

With my friend Gianluca Nocentini I wrote the “MANUAL OF THE MODERN MANUFACTURER OF ARTIFICIAL MOCHES”.
I have also written numerous articles in trade magazines and my flies are in many international books.


With the friend Federico Renzi and in collaboration with Eddy Peruzzo we organize  during the European Outdoor Show in Verona, the “Italian Fly Tying Show” , the most important fly tying festival in Italy, a fly tying corner with the best international and Italian fly tyers.


Surely fly fishing is the passion of my life, a healthy activity that has given me the opportunity to live and see the world, to be able to appreciate and love nature in its beautiful forms and visions, and also to have allowed me to meet many wonderful people. Fly Tying is therefore an activity that gives me the opportunity to create something and to use manual skills, I think it is therapeutic and a deepening of our passion. I wish everyone would experience fly fishing in its full forms.