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Catch the elusive salmon

Jesper is coming to the Danish Fly Festival this season to give a lecture on fishing for difficult salmon.


Difficult salmon are the salmon most fly fishermen encounter when planning a trip to a salmon river. Fish that have been there for several days, weeks or even months. Fish that don’t want to bite because the water in the river has warmed up or the wind is cold from the North.


Follow along to the fishing waters with Jesper Fohrmann and learn more about a sport within sports, catching the most difficult salmon.


A little about Jesper Fohrmann:

Jesper has worked as a freelance journalist, photographer since 1982 and has contributed to several books and articles about fly fishing in Scandinavia, Europe and the USA. Jesper also does guiding for salmon fishermen in Scotland and casting lessons in all fly fishing disciplines.


Jesper runs fishmadman.com together with Per Fischer, a company made by anglers for anglers. The company started in 2008 as a website that collected information and historical evidence about surface fisheries for Atlantic salmon. The goal was to make surface fishing and especially dry fly fishing for salmon popular in Scandinavia.