Fly Tyers

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Bo Teut Kloster

My name is Bo Teut Kloster, I am 31 and live in West Jutland. Almost all my fishing takes place in the rivers of West Jutland. And one of the types of fishing that I like a lot is fishing for salmon and sea trout in the stream.

I have had the honor of being invited for the 3rd time and showing what I tie at the end of the leader when I’m out fishing. The last 2 times I have shown what I use for salmon both at home and in the rest of Scandinavia.


But this year I’m going to show you something different!

In recent years, I have developed a greater passion for the Danish coastal fishing for sea trout.

And the last 2 years I’ve had a big breakthrough with a couple of fantastic patterns. The flies are lifelike, durable, easy to cast and extremely catchy.


I’m looking forward to seeing you at the Danish Fly Festival and showing what I’ve been working on since the last time.