Fly Tyers

- at the fly tyers island and at the exhibitors

Svenia Bossen

My name is Svenia Bossen I am 44 and I live in Northern Germany…near Denmark.

I discovered fly fishing and fly tying in 2014 for myself. From that time it’s been my absolute passion.
Coastal fly fishing for sea trout on Denmark Coast is my absolute favorite form of fishing.
Every day at the water makes me happy and relaxed.

The fascination of fly tying is that I can let my creativity run free and invent my own patterns.
I love trying new things and stay curious!

Meanwhile I teach other fly fishermen how to tie their own flies, giving courses and have a fly tying channel on YouTube and Instagram.

I am very happy about the invitation from the Danish Fly Festival and look forward to showing my flies.
Hope to see you there!