Fly Tyers

- at the fly tyers island and at the exhibitors

Stig Larsen

I am 44 years old and live on Nøtterøy, which lies off Tønsberg in Norway. I have been fishing since I was 5 years old and started fly fishing and tying my own flies in 2013.

I mainly fish for sea trout, sea bass and pike, on fly. I have always had an interest in marine life and often turn over rocks to investigate what exciting wildlife they hide.

Together with Eivind Berulfsen, we make the YouTube series “Geddefeber”, and I am also in other of Eivind’s films. Eivind and I also make the podcast “Fiske Terapi”.

At the Danish Fly Festival, I am tying a bit of everything.

See you in Kolding! Stig Larsen