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Silja Longhurst - The complete flyfisher

Silja Longhurst is a passionate fly fisher and certified 1 and 2 hand fly casting instructor in Fly Fishers International.


She grew up in Germany by a small stream south of Hamburg. Besides her love for dry fly fishing, not a season goes by without her fishing for Atlantic salmon in River Skjern, Western Ireland and Scotland.
For the past 12 years, Silja has been fishing for pike and sea trout in his home water, the Baltic Sea.


Silja teaches at home and abroad in both one- and two-handed fly fishing. She is the undefeated Danish champion in fly casting and has also won several medals in the 15ft and 16ft Spey competition at the world championships in fly casting. Silja Longhurst is the Nordic Manager of Baltic Flyfisher, a family business importing ECHO Fly Fishing and OPST products to Europe. In addition to that, together with Lasse Karlsson, she runs her own fly-casting school Beyond-Flyfishing in Copenhagen and offers as a certified fishing guide, guiding and trips for coastal, salmon and river fishing.