Fly Casters

- you can experience at the demo pool

Nikolaj Martins and Niklaus Bauer

One is a teacher, and one has worked in the fly fishing business since the 90’s, both are very skilled fly fishermen and during their casting show they will teach you some useful tricks that they have learned over the years.


Nikolaj is a diehard fly fishing bum from Denmark who mostly target seatrout and pike along the coastline and salmon in rivers. Niklaus prefer to search for big pike in the north of Sweden or everything else that is possible to catch with a flyrod.


So, if you’re up for some tips about casting chicken sized flies, gear composition, the ease of fly casting, as well as talking about Nikolaj’s approach both to coastal fly casting, including distance and how to work with it and improve it. Your more than welcome to spend time with us at the indoor casting pool or at the stand or at the casting pool on the grass!