Fly Tyers

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Micke Lindström

I am a 56-year-old young fly tyer and fly fisherman, with almost 50 years behind the fly rod.
Over the years, I have held workshops and lectures on fly fishing and fly tying, as well as written a few articles in fishing magazines, both in Sweden and abroad.
I live in northern Sweden with many fine salmon and sea trout rivers and streams in the hinterland.


I also like to fly fish for pike at the beginning and end of the season, but I absolutely have a fondness for large brook trout, sea trout and salmon.


At the Danish Fly Festival I will tie loaded tube flies and, above all, zonkers or mixed wings made of skin and hair. But it can also turn into a few hook flies in the line of Speyisar & Marabou Muddlers for sea trout and large migrating brook trout.


For more info and some flies, click on my Instagram: @micke_lindstrom_flies


Micke Lindström