Fly Tyers

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Magnus Forsberg

My name is Magnus Forsberg. I am a fly fisherman and fly tier who is 43 years old and lives in Sweden.
I grew up in a small village called Mullsjö. Learned to tie flies when I was 12 years old through the local fishing club. Over the years I have increasingly specialized in tying realistic patterns. I try to combine appearance with good fishing characteristics when creating my patterns. A lot of time is spent testing and evaluating different patterns to get them properly balanced and natural in the water when fished.
The proximity to good fishing waters gives me excellent opportunities for good fishing, mainly for Trout, Rainbow, Pike and Perch. The favorite technique in flowing waters is euro nymphing, especially after Trout and Rainbow. In still water, I mainly fish for rainbow trout, pike and Perch.
I love exploring new inaccessible lakes in the Swedish forests with the help of my kayak.