Fly Tyers

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Mads Birkholt

Mads Birkholt has been an instructor in the Danish Sports Fishing Association since 2001. Mads lives in North Jutland, just outside Brønderslev, where he was also born and raised. He lives only 5 minutes’ drive from Ryå, where he fishes for brook and sea trout.


Already at a young age, Mads was fascinated by fly fishing, and ever since then he has preferred this type of fishing. The gradually many hours with the fly rod in hand have made Mads a skilled fly caster and fly fisherman.


He ties the flies for his fishing himself. He has been tying flies for as many years as he has been fly fishing. In addition to flies for the fishing he does most, Mads challenges himself with the tie rod. In practice, this means that he ties everything from small nymphs and dry flies to sea trout and salmon flies, and even pike flies. If there is a fly on the front that is not knitted at home, then it has been given as a gift by fishing buddies.


It is still fishing for brook and sea trout that is cultivated the most, and still in Ryå. The trips also like to go to Himmerland streams, on the coast or to the Danish salmon rivers, where especially Skjern Å, which makes Mads pack the two-handed rod and head west.


Mads is passionate about sharing his skills and knowledge, also on a daily basis. Mads is a teacher and nature guide, and he has a completely natural pedagogical approach to learning from.