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Lose less, catch more - damage less

With a series of new mounts combined with tiny triple hooks, it is possible to boost the landing rate by 50-100% on most single-hooked flies for example coastal fishing, says Jens Bursell – Fisk & Fri and releaserigshop.com. – Meet me at 12 o’clock on Saturday, March 4 – where I will unveil a number of completely new techniques that, in an extremely simple way, will give you significantly more fish on land in a more gentle way than larger single hooks. Among the new techniques explained are fishing with flies tied on different types of claw shanks as well as Releasefly Connectors. Both of these two techniques are made for fishing with coastal flies in the 2-6 cm class – for example shrimp flies, but in contrast to the traditional shrimp flies, with several variants of these systems it is easy to unhook 100% underwater with a push-back disgorger . How it is done will be shown at the lecture, concludes Jens, who will also demonstrate the techniques in practice at the Fisk & Fri stand on the same day. At the stand you can meet Erik Tveskov and Peter Rødsgård, who tie cool coastal flies on the new claw-shanks.


An awful lot has happened in fly fishing hook systems over the past few years. At 12 o’clock on Saturday 4 March, Jens Bursell gives an overview of which small hook tackles are best suited for different types of flies