Fly Casters

- you can experience at the demo pool

Henrik Haupt

I love fly fishing, and I value the camaraderie and nature experiences most of all.


I’m geeky about the fly casting itself. I am a certified casting instructor, under both FFI (master instructor + instructor), as well as an instructor under EFFA. I also geek out with fly line loops and small hook tackles, see more here:


I have won the DM in fly casting 5 times, 3 times in one-handed and 2 times in two-handed, and I have had just as many lovely second places. I have participated at the World Cup once and was 4th in trout accuracy.


In addition, I am chairman of the CFCC (Copenhagen Fly Casting Club).

And last but not least, I am part of Team ArcticSilver.


At my demo, I will give my take on the most important focal points for a good and effortless fly cast with a one-handed fly rod.