Fly Tyers

- at the fly tyers island and at the exhibitors

Halvor Røberg

My name is Halvor Røberg . I’m 48 years old and live in the Arctic Circle town of Mo i Rana in the north of Norway. 

I loved fishing from I was a little kid and when I was thirteen I was on a fly tying course with my friend. We learn how to tie classic wet flies. Years after i have fish a lot and imitation fly fishing for char and trout is my passion. 

After years of hunting I have seen an untapped resource in making use of the whole game. Like e.g. Hazel Grouse, Hare, grouse and many other game birds and animals. 

This is Sustainable for me and this makes my fishing more holistic. 

This has brought me back to my origins of tying and fishing and I love tying soft hackles and North Country spiders.

Hope to see you all at the fly festival in Denmark. 

Tight lines from Halvor