Exhibitors Information

- for those who want a stand

Dainsh Fly Festival:

In 1993, FFFD held the Danish Fly Festival for the first time and since 1995 the festival has been held, every other year at Pulzion halls, Peter Tofts Vej 21, 6000 Kolding.

Unfortunately, it was not possible to hold the Danish Fly Festival in 2021 due to the pandemic. But the vacuum that the cancellations have created, we hope will pull many new as well as experienced fly fishermen to Kolding:

Saturday 4 March 10.00 – 18.00

Sunday 5 March 10.00 – 15.00

If you, as a shop, wholesaler, association, producer, travel organizer or otherwise, want a stand at the Danish Fly Festival 2023, we can offer:

550 m2 of indoor exhibition space. – which is rented out for DKR 675 per m2.

7 outdoor wading pools – which are rented out for DKR 4,000 per pool

Indoor demonstrations pool – possibility to arrange a casting demo.

We are 50 volunteers who will do all in their power to make the Danish Fly Festival 2023 a success.

Interested and for more practical information about stands, when are the halls opened, the raffle, festival dinner etc.

Contact festival coordinator Hans Knudsen at:

Email address: hans@fffd.dk

Telephone: +45 20 40 19 18