Fly Tyers

- at the fly tyers island and at the exhibitors

Eivind Berulfsen

I am 46 years old and live by the water, just outside the trading town of Tønsberg in Norway.

I started fly fishing and tying my own flies when I was just 10 years old


My fishing is mostly for sea trout, sea bass and pike. For several seasons I have also fished for salmon and brown trout in rivers.

I have dedicated a large part of my time as a fly fisherman to studying the sea trout’s prey and its migration during the year and how to best imitate the prey in fly tying.


In the last 12 years, I have filmed over 50 fishing films and 200 tying descriptions on my YouTube channel, focusing on sea trout. At the same time, I produce the fishing podcast “Fiske Terapi”, together with my fishing buddy Stig Larsen.


At the Danish Fly Festival I will tie the flies I use most: Raccoon, Hoover Shrimp and The Ladies.


See you in Kolding!

Eivind Berulfsen