Fly Tyers

- at the fly tyers island and at the exhibitors

Alois Trübner

I’m Alois, 41 years old, married, a proud dad of two girls and based in Hermannsburg, Germany.
I have been fishing since i was a kid. Since 2012 my focus is 100 % on fly fishing.

My favourite species are pike, pikeperch and perch which I target with well-engineered streamers. Trout fishing is also something great to spend my time doing, here on the countryside with a lot of rivers and creeks.

Tying occupies and fascinates me almost more than fishing itself, and that’s why I’ve been giving live demos at trade fairs in Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands and even Ireland about 4 years ago now. I am also a brand ambassador for Partridge Hooks, Sprite Hooks, Semperfli & Raidzap and a guide and instructor in my local area.

Fly fishing is simply balm for the soul. If there also is a wonderful nature and beautiful fish, these are experiences that I will never forget and where I recharge my batteries for a long, long time!
I can’t wait to get back at the Danish Fly Festival and have a chat about our shared passion.

Tight lines,